Friday, July 11, 2014

We went on a vacation last week.  It wasn't like some of our adventurous vacations of years past.  A simple week in a cabin on a lake.  It was the kind of place that asks you to relax and regroup.  I spent time catching up on my reading (I will finally have a book finished in time for my bookclub meeting), playing games with the family, kayaking on the quiet lake, and watching and listening to the loon family that lingered in front of our dock.

Sometimes I felt guilty I wasn't taking more pictures.  Where is the annual family vacation photo?  But I felt more like experiencing the vacation than documenting it.  I think I captured some moments and was happy for that, coming to the conclusion that sometimes it's okay not to always have the camera in hand.  I did find myself wishing I had a photographer along to capture our moments so I could be in the moment.  But it was nice.  I watched my husband teach my youngest son to catch a fish on a fly rod, my dog remember that she could swim, and my kids play together in the water.  Board games, card games, and even one game of Scrabble on a rainy 4th of July.  Not many more years of this.  I gave myself a pass.  No spectacular adventure photos, but a lot of nice moments.  And that's okay.

They don't call this place Camp Sunset for no reason.

p.s. I'm still taking applications for 2015 senior reps.  See my previous blogpost for details and application.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am looking for Senior Reps for the Class of 2015.  If you know of a rising high school senior in the Northern VA area who is interested in participating, please have them fill out the form below.  I will be selecting 4-5 students to be my 2015 Senior Reps/Models, and they will receive a discounted photo session, mobile photo app and opportunities for cash rewards for referrals.

Here are some more examples of my senior portraits, and here are details on the packages.

Monday, June 23, 2014

For 12 years, I've known that although I can do a quick run with friends early in the morning or maybe sit down and edit some photos or respond to emails, my day doesn't really become my own until 9:15am when all kids are off to school. 

The daily routine of "the walk" begins around 9am, when Misty comes to me as I am intently working on the computer (or scrolling through Facebook) and patiently sits in front of me to remind me that we need to leave now or we'll be late and that we MUST not leave her behind.

We've walked in sunshine, in rain, in wind that blew school papers and made us walk backwards. We've walked in snow, jumping over ice patches, and in through tunnels of sidewalk after some of the major blizzards.  I've been dressed for meetings, dressed in yoga clothes, or running clothes, or making a pathetic attempt to hide the fact that I was still wearing what I wore to bed.  In every state of preparedness for the walk, we've become a regular fixture, with cars beeping and people waving (I recognize most of whom wave and beep, but wave no matter what, because I know I know them!)  Sometimes, a friend will pull over and we will catch up on our lives and I feel connected to the great community my kids are growing up in. 

There is no reason that my youngest, who is 12 years old, couldn't walk to school by himself, but I've walked with him because my dog insists on it.  And because she's so good at that pathetic stare, he doesn't argue or act too "cool" to walk with mom.  It's even therapeutic, if the morning didn't go so well, he has the dog to run with and play with for a few blocks, to settle himself down and be the last contact of home before a day of school.  Chase, himself has done the walk since birth, being born when my oldest was in kindergarten, he was carried, pushed in a stroller, and then toddled along with me until he was old enough to actually step into the building.

The routine ends this week, as my youngest graduates from 6th grade and my life of elementary school ends.  It's sad for me - even gaining an extra hour of quiet, empty house every morning.

I'll be OK, more time to devote to my photography business, but I do feel sad for Misty.  It's hard to break such an established routine.  So, if you see a golden retriever walking herself the few blocks to school, you'll know why.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

In celebration of Fathers Day, I thought I'd post some cute photos of dads and kids I've photographed throughout the years.  Yay for Dads posing with their kids!  You both will treasure these some day....

And here's some of my personal favorites (fathers that is):

my own dad....

and my wonderful husband (and great Dad)...
 Happy Fathers Day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There's nothing like a late afternoon on a June weekend.  The flamenco guitar music was playing, some of us enjoyed a glass of chilled white wine and these beautiful women bravely posed for me.  Thank you girls for giving me the privilege of photographing you - it's what I enjoy doing and you did it so beautifully.

I am enjoying my venture into photographing women.  It's not your 80's "glamour shots" any more but I am seeing more and more that us women who work hard to maintain our health and our bodies and we should be celebrating that.  We are strong and beautiful within and I want to reflect that beauty on the outside.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It started with a kiss...the dad planted one on the mom and the kids hid their eyes.  Thus started a tradition in the annual family photo shoot. 

One thing I treasure about being a family photographer is the chance to watch a family grow up and share in annual traditions that include the family photos.  This particular family has been so consistent and loyal and fun that our largest challenge is finding new, fun locations to photograph!

It started even before number three was born.  We've been getting together every fall since 2005 and we play, we laugh, we catch up on the past year...and we make memories and records of the year.

Oh, and those jumping photos!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finally the sun has come out in Virginia and we've been catching up on some senior sessions as the flowers all seem to be peaking at the same time.  In the past few weekends I had the pleasure of photographing some great seniors including this one who defines vivacious and couldn't seem to stop smiling and laughing (not that I'm complaining!)   And a young man who impressed me when we walked by a small piece of trash in the street and he did not think twice to pick it up and toss it in the nearest trashcan, and then a second later, threw a ball back to some tennis players when it had gone over the fence.  I wasn't surprised to learn he was an Eagle Scout and that he was doing this photo session as a gift to his mother for Mothers Day.  

I also got to photograph a smart and creative young lady who dressed up and posed in her more formal attire, but seemed to be most in her element when I photographed her down the by the stream bed behind her house.  That's what I love about this job, photographing seniors where and how they're comfortable and having fun at the same time!

I have great hopes for the future with these young adults entering the next phase of their lives and education and I wish all my seniors the best of luck!