Springtime Is for Seniors

The past few weeks have given us weather highs and lows -before you know it the warm weather will be here for good. Some of my fall Seniors haven’t even finished ordering their final prints yet, but I want to give the heads up to all of you who have been telling me “…we need to schedule  our senior session”  that – just as it seems that your graduating senior’s childhood as gone – you blink and graduation will be here!


Because of all the coordination between sessions and end of year activitities, I will hopefully be uploading a calendar/schedule of remaining weekend opportunities to schedule a session – but since I like to shoot at the “golden hour” of dusk anyway, a weekend session may work for your senior – so don’t discount that.  And be mindful of the craziness that will be enveloping you and your senior’s schedule later in spring.


I am also currently pre-booking 2017  Seniors – but will give priority to 2016 seniors this spring.

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