All About Senior Portrait Sessions

While I have a good number of clients who have booked me years ahead for their son or daughter’s senior portraits, I still get many people who are a little confused about the how and why of portraits for their high school seniors.

What I tell parents – is what I think about for myself, as I have my second high schooler reaching her senior year this year. While there are many reasons for outdoor, personalized senior portrait sessions, my main reason is this: it may be your last chance as a parent to convince (or demand) they spend some time with a photographer who can capture this precious moment in their life. On the edge of adulthood, but still your responsibility (for a brief time) and “child.”

When I meet with parents and their seniors for pre-session meetings, and then spend some time on location taking the pictures, it always seems to be a special time for both the parent and child.  Or, even when the senior comes on their own – the tears that I see in parents’ eyes when they see the final image…well I know that feeling all too well, and am so happy I can help share it with others.

Here is a short video I made, with some suggested answers to the question “why a senior portrait?”

Why Should I Book a Senior Portrait? from Melissa Maillett on Vimeo.