En Garde, Pret! This High School Senior is Ready for her Future


This was a new experience for me as a  Senior Photographer. When I asked Hannah and her mom if she had any high school hobbies she might like to include in her senior portrait, and she answered fencing, I encouraged her to bring her uniform and we would try some fun shots out at the end of the session.

It was hard for me to believe that this beautiful and sweet girl had a skill that involved waving a steel weapon at an opponent. Hannah was laid back and  a natural in front of the camera, resulting in a number of different types of shots and we had fun exploring downtown Vienna with her friend and sister (who were helpful at bringing out natural expressions).

I was eager to get this post out today, in honor of Hannah’s mom’s birthday. Happy birthday Judy, this is going to be a special year for both you and your daughter. Enjoy it all!

A Sunny Senior Session in Old Town Fairfax

Erin’s mom and I have been planning for a while to get this session in, and we did – just days before the actual high school graduation! I’m not complaining since I had a vision with this senior to have the perfect bright day and sunset and all the stars aligned.

And bonus that I found the perfect wall to complement her second shirt!

Congratulations Seniors, Class of 2017 – Senior Portrait Sessions

Seniors Portrait SessionHow has this school year come to a close so quickly? This has been a particularly special year of shooting senior sessions, since I too have a graduating senior (who’s senior session is still to come!)

Some of the seniors I remember from playgroups and playgrounds; some from travel soccer or girl scouts. It’s sentimental for me, but I try not to show it because these guys and girls are all focused on the future. In their heads, they are not highschoolers any more, they are finally seeing their life plans come to actualization; I can see it in the way their eyes light up when they speak about the next phase of their life and their ability to move on.

When I photograph these seniors I try to depict that excitement – sometimes I like to photograph them in motion, because that is what they are doing – they are moving on forward…to their future.

I believe that is why we capture our teenagers at this crucial crossroads. We still have the ability to convince them to be part of this session and they have the strength, the maturity and the self-awareness to be a participant in the session. I will help them get a good shot, but I am always aware that they are adults now, they lead the session.

Yes, I sympathize with the parents – it’s hard to see them move on without us. Yes, I will be crying along with you when Pomp and Circumstance is playing and they are doing their walk down the aisle.  But I know it is time, and I look forward to hearing about their progress as they begin their new lives.

In this sentimental mood, I quickly cobbled together a “highlights reel” of some of my senior sessions from the class of 2017. Enjoy, and thank you to all who allowed me to take part in this special session.

Paige’s Senior Session: Peak Fall in the Park


If you are over 40  like me, you may remember the the “Brek Girl” shampoo ads back in the day in your “Seventeen” Magazines. They were usually beautiful blondes with the sun backlighting their long hair and a wide smile. This is what I kept thinking as I shot this stunning senior, although the antiquated reference was lost on her.

I also know that Paige is much more than a pretty face, since I’ve practically watched her grow up – a fierce competitor on the soccer field and basketball court. I enjoy seeing these girls out of ponytails and their varsity uniforms, and she is just as comfortable in the wedge sandals as in cleats.


Another small world story: her mom, Debra and worked together “BF” (before kids) and although our paths have wandered back and forth throughout the years, it was so fun to have her along on the shoot: to hold a reflector when needed and catch up on the old days.  You can see where this senior gets her looks!



We rescheduled this session back from a September date and managed to land on a warm November morning, and although a little past peak foliage – this park had so many great locations and backdrops that we got some stunning fall color for her session!

2016-11-26_0004Debra captured some photos of me in action, and Paige took one of us together.



Another High School Senior Portrait: A Senior I have watched grow up…


I always enjoy sharing pictures of high school seniors that I have photographed throughout the years and now am doing their high school senior portrait. Thanks to Kyle’s mom who scanned in these toddler pictures of him (yes, this was BEFORE I went digital!) I can compare this pensive toddler with the big blue eyes and precious dimple with the handsome young adult (who still has those eyes and that dimple!)


Kyle’s mom and I met in a playgroup and exercised with Jan Crerie of BodyGrace Fitness  while our kids played together in the nursery.  We lived in separate towns and our children did not grow up as friends but we get together to discuss our parallel lives and anguish about the time passing so quickly as they grow up and leave the next.

I’ve loved hearing about Kyle and all his accomplishments as he has grown, from swimming and diving to being an accomplished violinist. I had the added bonus of listening to Kyle perform live on the Vienna Town Green as I photographed him with his instrument.


Good luck with all you do Kyle. And good luck to his mom in watching him move on to greater experiences!