Senior Girls Rule! Senior Portrait Sessions Continue Despite the Rain

I don’t know what it is, but my senior girls have been toughing out the weather this rainy season.  Despite rain for almost one month straight, we’ve managed to get in most of our senior portrait sessions.


An added bonus to  all this wetness is that it makes for some nicely saturated greenery in the parks and gardens.  If you can catch it when the sun is out (especially in the “golden hour” right before sunset) the grass, leaves, and flowers practically glow with dewiness.  This is such a wonderful time of year to photograph outside. The newness and freshness of the flowers and trees literally shine (as do my soon to be graduating high school seniors).


So, please don’t be afraid of the weather! There’s still time to schedule a senior portrait session – remember, it’s your last chance to urge those high school seniors to have a portrait session before they go off into the big world of college and whatever else lies in store for them.


As the parent of college freshman, I can attest to the fact that they do come home from college vaguely different in a way that may not easy to describe. Each stage in life is important and has value to be captured in photos, but there’s just something about the anticipation of the graduating high schooler….don’t miss out on your opportunity. Contact me at or 703-850-7212 to schedule your portrait session.


Springtime Is for Seniors

The past few weeks have given us weather highs and lows -before you know it the warm weather will be here for good. Some of my fall Seniors haven’t even finished ordering their final prints yet, but I want to give the heads up to all of you who have been telling me “…we need to schedule  our senior session”  that – just as it seems that your graduating senior’s childhood as gone – you blink and graduation will be here!


Because of all the coordination between sessions and end of year activitities, I will hopefully be uploading a calendar/schedule of remaining weekend opportunities to schedule a session – but since I like to shoot at the “golden hour” of dusk anyway, a weekend session may work for your senior – so don’t discount that.  And be mindful of the craziness that will be enveloping you and your senior’s schedule later in spring.


I am also currently pre-booking 2017  Seniors – but will give priority to 2016 seniors this spring.

To Schedule a session or consultation, click here

Another Special Senior…And Client From Long Ago

When I first started out with portrait photography I didn’t need to look far for some of my first models. Luckily I had two adorable little girls living just around the corner and a family who appreciated having a photographer in the neighborhood.


This is still one of my favorite photos and I’ve promised them that we would recreate it sometime soon (a bit difficult since the older girl is now a Junior in college. Yikes).

The other day I had the honor of photographing the younger daughter, Lija’s senior session, oh so many years later.


The years between that first picture and the second haven’t been the easiest for Lija.  I asked her mom for her input since I didn’t want to get any details wrong:

On December 15, 2011 Lija was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma and she stated chemotherapy in January of 2012. We were lucky to find it early – but it still took its toll. Lija lost her hair after the first chemo treatments – and ended up in the hospital after the end of each batch of treatments. Through it all Lija never cried; well twice, once when she was diagnosed and once when she had mouth sores. 

 Thoreau Middle School organized a Make a Cut Event for her and she was one of the speakers. She was also awarded the Anthony MCCay Spirit Award – in recognition of her energy, enthusiasm and positive spirit. 

Lija never let cancer own her. One day after her cancer treatments; we were driving to school, and she said that in a way she was glad she got cancer. I asked her why. She said that a girl had come up to her at school and said that Lija was her inspiration because if she could still come to school and be positive even with cancer, then this young lady could deal with the problems that she faced. 

 Lija continues to attend the Make The Cut events and plans to pursue a degree as physician assistant specializing in pediatric oncology.

I remember that time and how I hurt for Lija and her family as they went through the diagnosis and treatment, and I remember trying to comprehend the enduring fear that follows, even when the healthy diagnosis is given.

But I also believe that some of the beauty and strength that comes out in Lija’s pictures are the result of going through that experience and coming out strong. I wish this girl all her dreams and plans come true, and I get the feeling they will, because she will make it happen!

Yes, I feel old when I photograph past clients’ senior session, but I also feel special in the participation I’ve had in capturing memories for my lovely neighbors.



Starting Off With My 2016 Seniors!

I’m so happy to be photographing my 2016 seniors – and feeling pretty relieved that this is my bump year – I just sent one kid off to college and have one year of perceived rest before my next one becomes a senior (I know it’s perceived because junior year is full of pressure too!)

This guy was so easy to photograph and I loved how the outfit changes really changed the attitude of the shots.




I also like how the August drought has made some trees look almost fall-like already – maybe not good for the grass, but adds some nice variety to location shooting.

The fall will be gone in a blink of an eye, so anyone interested in senior shoots before the weather turns cold, please contact me at

Here are some shots from spring’s sessions. All were taken close to Vienna – so lucky to live in an area with such diverse locations for fun shots.



Special Fun With the Seniors This Year

This year, high school senior sessions are just a little more special and emotional than they usually are. As always, I find them all good natured, mature and polite and I love their uniqueness and the ability to personalize their session.






This year I have my own senior. What type of mom would I be if I didn’t take some pictures of my own son?

So, I convinced Jack to stop by after one of my sessions so I could get a few shots of him. Unfortunately we selected the day that he started coming down with a virus that kept him out of school for the next week.  But I’m still glad I got some shots!

But first I got some of these….


But then a couple of these…Good for now