Sneak Peak: Senior Session at Greenspring Gardens, Part One: Hannah


I had a great time photographing a senior session with Hannah and her friend Dani the other day at Greenspring Gardens in Annandale.  Who says gardens are only pretty in the spring and summer!  Beautiful flower beds and the more woodsy area with the pond and pathway gave us great diversity.  I photographed Hannah and her friend, Dani (more photos to come!) and I think they enjoyed doing it together, breaking up the shoot and taking turns and learning about each girl and the friendship they have.  Doing a “friends” shoot is definitely something I will encourage in the future.  I will even add a “friends” gallery to my website!  Right now, additional photos of this day can be seen in my “seniors” gallery.

Family Portrait on Vacation



Over the Fourth of July weekend, I had the pleasure of vacationing with, as well as photographing, some great friends (and a very photogenic family).  What a beautiful setting we had in the mountains of Canaan Valley, West Virginia.  Crisp air, mountain views, country roads…This was the only evening we had clouds appear in the sky – but even though I was hoping for some late afternoon back-lighting through the fields, the clouds made a nice alternative.

So… if anyone else wants to take me on vacation, you too could catch up on getting those family photos you’ve been meaning to get taken.  Especially if you’re going to Hawaii!

Color Run, Melissa Maillett Photography

A few weeks ago, my daughter and her friends participated in a “color splatter run” 5k race held at Lake Fairfax.

It was a win-win for all.

For the girls  it was all about getting some exercise while volunteers sprayed color  on them, and then taking and posting the photos.

For the race sponsors, (Young Life of Central Fairfax) it was a way to help sponsor kids who wouldn’t get to go to a summer camp this year.

For me, I got to take some fun colorful photos!






Wendy’s Birthday

In honor of the birthday of one my closest-far away friends today, I am going to show off some photos from back in December.

I met Wendy when my second child was under one month old and I was torn between going back to work or staying home with my children. She was my lifesaver back in those days, bringing her laid back midwestern personality to the DC area, which was a breath of fresh air for me.

Through Wendy I was introduced to gardening, textiles, and home repairs; although I could never keep up with her energy and determination to “fix things up.” One of my saddest moments was when Wendy told me she was leaving our neighborhood and moving out to the country to run a little farm (15 acres I think).

Despite the distance and our competing schedules we have been able to get together once in a while, and I particularly enjoy escaping from suburbia to the farm. Wendy has gone full-force with the farm. Her days revolve around chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, cows – and even a horse for a little while. She’s grown vegetables and herbs for DC restaurants, sold at farmers markets, was a part of a co-op (I am not remembering the proper term for that right now). She has spun wool from her sheep, birthed calves, nursed sick chickens and even had to figure out how to dispose of a deceased horse. I continue to be impressed with her energy and love for all that’s natural. Meanwhile my garden’s dwindled, I can’t remember how to thread a needle, make candles, form concrete planters or the many other “pioneer” crafts she taught me. I miss those days, but have gone on to express my creativity with photography. I’ve made great new friends, have gotten wrapped up in hustling my kids around and searching for my next “career.” I continue to be incredibly impressed with Wendy’s new life and have urged her to blog about it – but of course she is too busy to do that, so I am doing it for her!

Every December Wendy throws a “wreath making party” in her barn (or out in the sun such as she did on that balmy December morning) and this year I was able to make it.  Here are some photos from the day that I had been meaning to share with Wendy.

Melissa Maillett PhotographyMelissa Maillett Photography

Here you go Wendy – and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

– your friend, Melissa